LDI Publications


The Boycott List identifies corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood. The Boycott List is divided into several sections. The first section is an alphabetical list of current boycott targets. It is arranged alphabetically and includes the categories of services/products offered by each corporation. The second section is an alphabetical listing of products/services offered by each corporation in the first section. This makes it easy to locate a corporation based on associated products/services. The third section is a list of corporations that operate in a limited geographical or commercial area. The fourth section is an alphabetical list of nonprofit (charitable) entities that support Planned Parenthood and/or its agenda. There are several additional sections that make up The Boycott List, including one that offers suggestions for communicating with corporate officials, a section that gives basic information about the Corporate Funding Project (CFP), answers to frequently asked questions, and so forth. (An updated edition of The Boycott List is published as events warrant; not on a schedule. However, in the past, with one exception, at least two have been released each year. The published version of The Boycott List is automatically sent to LDI Partners.)

The Checkbook List is an abbreviated version of The Boycott List that can easily fit into a checkbook, pocket, glove compartment, and so forth. It includes those businesses/products/services one might encounter while outside the home. It is intended to be a handy tool and is a supplement to The Boycott List. (The Checkbook List is automatically sent to LDI Partners. It is not available independently from The Boycott List.)

The Caleb Report is LDI’s hard-hitting newsletter, which is not for the faint-of-heart. Published six times per year, The Caleb Report is a candid look at everything from Planned Parenthood’s political activity and “educational” programs to the group’s financial empire. The Caleb Report covers additional issues of interest to pro-family activists that are generally not found in other periodicals. (The Caleb Report is automatically sent to LDI Partners. The Caleb Report may include material that some people could find unsuitable or objectionable, in which case a warning precedes the article. Many back issues of The Caleb Report are available on this website.)

Planned Parenthood: Stalking Every Community is a 14-page, full-color brochure that outlines the group’s mission, failed programs, efforts to influence young people, and its opposition to abstinence-based education. This brochure includes basic facts about Planned Parenthood, including financial information and the vast reach of its abortion empire. (Applicable to the USA only. Appropriate for all ages.)

On the Record: The Philosophy of Planned Parenthood is a 20-page, 2-color brochure featuring quotations from Planned Parenthood advertisements, hierarchy, and publications (including those recommended by the group). What does Planned Parenthood really stand for? What do its leaders say about teen sexual activity, abstinence, parents, children, abortion and other vital topics? Has Planned Parenthood’s agenda changed over the years? The quotations will leave you stunned, but they are verifiably true! This brochure is an eye-opening look at the Planned Parenthood its hierarchy would rather keep secret. (Applicable worldwide. Adults are encouraged to review the content of this brochure before making it available to minors.)

All of the publications listed above are available for order.