Prayer List


November 2015

Former First Lady, former U.S. Secretary of State, former U.S. Senator, and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. (sort of), who is about as pro-abortion as one can get. Clinton is the recipient of Planned Parenthood’s highest “honor,” the Margaret Sanger Award, which is named for the abortion-committing behemoth’s racist and pro-eugenics founder.

December 2015

Business tycoon, television personality, and  2016 presidential candidate (maybe) Donald John Trump, Sr., R-N.Y., who, when asked by reporters if he is “pro-life,” responds by saying, “As you know, I’m pro-life.” (The fact that no one has challenged the statement gives Trump instant — albeit undeserved — credibility.)  No, Mr. Trump, we did not know you are pro-life. Did anybody know it? Before the campaign for President, that is. Where is the slightest bit of evidence to show your true feelings? Trump’s demonstrated ignorance of the issue and the fact that his empire has funded at least one pro-abortion group in the past is proof positive that under the best of circumstances Trump will give “lip service” to the cause and nothing more. And even expecting “lip service” is giving the benefit where there really is no doubt.

January 2016

(to be announced)