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[T]here is no universal agreement on what is a “young person”…IPPF uses the terms young people, youth and adolescents interchangeably to refer to people who are between 10 and 24 years. Defining all people under 18 years of age as a child is often not useful because it ignores the circumstances of youth who are faced with pressures and responsibilities that are usually reserved for adults. Policies and programmes for young people should focus not so much on age, but on the specific developmental needs and rights of individuals as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” IPPF, 2009

Sex without [victims] is always right.

– “You’ve Changed the Combination!!!,” RMPP brochure, 1977

[I] can’t say I can be as categorical about sexual behavior [being unwise for teenagers] as I am about the use of [cigarettes and] illicit substances.

– Susan Newcomer, PPFA, in a radio debate on WPGU, University of Illinois-Champaign, February 1988

It is normal and healthy to masturbate and have sex play with or without sex toys.

– teenwire.com, PPFA, May 2003

The opportunity to “catch them while they’re young[“] — [is] a truly golden rule when it comes to cultivating mindfulness, healthy behaviours and social values…

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” IPPF, 2009

Sex is fun, and joyful, and courting is fun, and joyful, and it comes in all types of styles, all of which are OK. Do what gives pleasure and enjoy what gives pleasure and ask for what gives pleasure. Don’t rob yourself of joy by focusing on old-fashioned ideas about what’s “normal” or “nice.”

– “The Great Orgasm Robbery,” RMPP brochure, 1981

Some parents may not like to hear such things, but it’s demonstrably true that girls who have orgasm when they’re young — that is, up to fifteen — are those who have the least difficulty having one later on. It doesn’t matter whether the orgasm comes from intercourse, petting, or masturbation… Obviously, a girl who learns what orgasm is at an early point in her adolescence is going to have a more fulfilling time later on.

– Wardell B. Pomeroy, Ph.D., Girls and Sex, 1981, a book Planned Parenthood has endorsed and recommended to youth

With young people as partners, today’s adult decision-makers have the chance to recast sex and sexuality as a positive force for change and development, as a source of pleasure, an embodiment of human rights and an expression of self.

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” IPPF, 2009

Sexually transmitted infections [STIs] and early pregnancies send young people on a downward spiral of poverty and further social exclusion.

– “Annual Report 2010: Sexuality Education–It’s a Right,” IPPF-WHR

There is no indication that…pornography causes problems as long as it does not interfere with other aspects of a…[teen’s] life.

– teenwire.com, PPFA, May 1, 2001

We know sex education works, the problem is we’re not in enough classrooms. In the last couple of years, Planned Parenthood has become a living digital laboratory.

– Cecile Richards, PPFA, “Planned Parenthood Leader Issues Battle Cry,” The Times (Trenton, N.J.), March 29, 2012

We’re committed to the highest quality products…[and] that is exactly what Planned Parenthood affiliates provide…

– response to a study by Consumer Reports that ranked PPFA brand condoms among the least effective, January 4, 2005

Comprehensive sexuality education is perhaps the single most important gift that parents can offer to their children…

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” IPPF, 2009

[Teen sexual activity] can be a positive, life-enhancing experience.

– PPLM brochure, circa 1994

Most people define “virginity” as not having had vaginal intercourse — but that definition leaves a lot of room for other activities, like oral and anal sex. You can’t get pregnant from oral or anal sex.

– teenwire.com, PPFA, May 11, 2004

The age at which intercourse is thought to be acceptable varies widely, though I have met few people who wholeheartedly think 12- or 13-year-olds are ready…

– Susan Newcomer, PPFA, “Is It O.K. for PPFA to Say `No Way’?,” circa 1987

[S]pontaneous erections…happen less frequently for men who have recently ejaculated by masturbating or by having sex with a partner.

– advice given to a teenager on how to avoid embarrassing spontaneous erections, teenwire.com, PPFA, March 1, 2001

Among boys who practice it, intercourse with animals is usually infrequent, but there are cases histories of boys who build up a strong emotional attachment to a particular animal and have intercourse with it whenever possible…This kind of sexual behavior may never happen to you, because the incidence is so low. If it does, you would be best advised to keep any knowledge of it to yourself so you can avoid either ridicule or punishment, or both. You can feel secure in your knowledge that you’re not a monster, no matter what society may think about it.

– Wardell B. Pomeroy, Ph.D., Boys and Sex, 1968, a book Planned Parenthood has endorsed and recommended to youth

As I read your manuscript, I kept saying to myself, `At last it is being said.’… Congratulations.

– Mary S. Calderone, M.D., PPFA, endorsing Boys and Sex, by Wardell B. Pomeroy, Ph.D., 1968

Sometimes people choose not to have safer sex. If this is something you and your partner agree to, then it is your choice.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010

The solution [to negative early sexual experience]…is to teach young people how to experience sexual pleasure, instead of teaching them to not have sex.

– PPFC newsletter, Summer 1996

Worried? Have questions about STD [sexually transmitted disease] testing, pregnancy tests, the morning after pill or abortion? Chat now.

– “Info For Teens,” PPFA website, urging young people to pose questions to a Planned Parenthood worker in a confidential and real-time atmosphere, 2013

The intent is to make condoms a normal part of life.

– Paul Robinson, PPHSSW, justifying teaching teenagers how to make condom leis at the Jackson County Fair, July 23, 1994

In terms of sexually transmitted diseases, expect to have HPV [human papillomavirus] once you become sexually intimate. All of us get it.

– “Let’s Talk About Sex: Sexual Health Advice from Dr. Vanessa Cullins,” PPFA video, 2009

It is important to remember that the final decision on whether to involve the partner in the pregnancy should be made by the young woman.

– “I Decide: Young Women’s Journeys to Seek Abortion Care,” IPPF, 2012

[Adults should] help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage. By sanctioning sex before marriage, we will prevent fear and guilt.

– Lena Levine, PPFA seminar, May 1953

Sex can feel great and can be really fun! Many people think sex is just about vaginal or anal intercourse…But, there are lots of different ways to have sex and lots of different types of sex…Some people like to have aggressive sex, while others like to have soft and slow sex with their partners. There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010

[Most people believe] there are times when sex before marriage is appropriate…

– “How to Talk With Your Teenager About the Facts of Life,” PPFA, 1988

[T]o reach adolescents everywhere, comprehensive sexuality education must be mandatory in school…

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” IPPF, 2009


[Teens]…concerned about unplanned pregnancy may choose to abstain from vaginal intercourse and engage in other forms of sexual activity…that does not lead to pregnancy. Many people refer to these options as “outercourse”…whether people who practice outercourse would be considered sexually abstinent…would depend entirely on each individual’s definition…

– teenwire.com, PPFA, January 7, 2000

It is essential to show the absurdity of…”abstinence only” and anti-condom crusades. We must…unmask their ideological motives. It is essential to demonstrate the truly dangerous consequences of their approach.

– Steven W. Sinding, IPPF, March 2003

To preach a negative ideal of chastity to young…[people] is to neglect the primary duty of awakening their intelligence, responsibility, their self-reliance and independence.

– Margaret Higgins Sanger, PPFA, The Pivot of Civilization, 1922

[PPFA] knows where to point the finger — not at young people, but at the $1.5 billion failure of a national sex education policy that promotes abstinence-only programs.

– PPFA blaming abstinence education for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, PPFA MySpace blog, March 12, 2008

[I]t is irresponsible and flat-out immoral not to teach young people how to use one [a condom] correctly and why to use them consistently.

– Karen Pearl, PPFA, February 10. 2005

We are not going to be an organization promoting celibacy or chastity. Our concern is not to convey “should” and “should nots”…

– Faye Wattleton, PPFA, “Teen Sex Education Campaign Launched: Planned Parenthood Targets Youth, Parents and Three Networks’ Contraceptive Ad Ban,” Los Angeles Times, October 17, 1986

Our fear is that many of these [chastity] programs are based on religion, not public health. People will be learning fear and shame instead of responsibility. They’ll be taught that a wedding ring will protect more than a condom.

– Kate Reinish, PPRM, November 14, 1999

Improve your sex life by getting to know your own body. Play with yourself! Masturbation is a great way to find out more about your body and what you find sexually stimulating.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010

[E]mphasis on “abstinence-only until marriage” as the only acceptable approach to our nation’s high rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion is not only unrealistic, it is dangerous.

– Patricia A. McGeown. UHPP, June 13, 2005

Sometimes the decision to design or use a “chastity training” program is pragmatic, based on the opportunity to obtain funds and/or to get into certain schools. Sometimes the decision is more an implicit assumption…about the value of abstinence for young people.

– Susan Newcomer, PPFA, “Is It O.K. for PPFA to Say ‘No Way’?,” circa 1987

Things like consent laws for minors and increased emphasis on abstinence-only sex education threaten women’s lives. It doesn’t prepare them to make responsible choices.

– Sarah Scranton, PPAM, November 18, 2004

[Promoting] sexual safety exclusively through abstinence is not only annoying, it is dangerous.

– PPFC newsletter, April 1993

[T]eens are having intercourse, they have always done so, and no amount of exhortation will cause them to stop.

– Susan Newcomer, PPFA, “Is It O.K. for PPFA to Say `No Way’?”, circa 1987

The mission of IPPF/WHR is to…Defend the right of all young people to enjoy their sexual lives…

– “Strategic Plan 2010-2015,” IPPF-WHR, 2009

There are many different beliefs about what losing one’s virginity means.

– Teen Talk, ppfa.org, 2009


Enforced motherhood is the most complete denial of a woman’s right to life and liberty.

– Margaret Higgins Sanger, June 1914

[R]eproductive choices…are not just legal rights but are recognized as moral necessities without which there can be no liberty.

– Gloria Feldt, PPFA, January 22, 1997

It’s a breach of the public trust…[for a licensed] ob-gyn not to perform abortions.

– Alexander Sanger (grandson of Margaret Sanger), PPNYC, February 10, 1995

[Emergency birth control has] solved problems for women who didn’t use birth control correctly.

– Larry Rodick, PPA, June 21, 2004

[F]or a lot of women…[abortion] is a positive decision…and they don’t have to gnash their teeth and feel horrible guilt.

– Faye Wattleton, PPFA, January 1992

It is about more than abortion. It…comes down to whether…we value children enough that we want them to be planned and wanted and cared for.

– Gloria Feldt, PPFA, January 20, 2003

We see abortion as a necessary, desirable service and as an integral piece of comprehensive reproductive health care services.

– PPFA’s newsletter for its abortionists, October 1990

By age five, children should: Understand the concept that a woman does not have to have a baby unless she wants to.

– Human Sexuality: What Children Should Know and When They Should Know It, PPFA, 1987

Indeed, it is because we value life and human dignity that we support a woman’s right to choice.

– Gloria Feldt, PPFA, “Abortion Activists Demand Apology Over Karen Hughes’ Remark.” CNS News, April 30, 2004

It’s often overlooked that abortion is as much part of family formation as childbearing. Women don’t have abortions because they fail to value children, but because they value children so highly…

– Gloria Feldt, PPFA, Roe Anniversary Is Decisive Moment to Choose, commentary to Women’s eNews, January 16, 2008

This is the first time I have had a donor call and make this kind of request, and so I’m excited, and I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out.

– Autumn Kersey, PPI, responding to a caller who wanted to make a donation to kill preborn black babies, July 10, 2007

As we know, no effective maternal health improvements can occur without comprehensive reproductive health care, including access to safe and legal abortions…If we are to do all we can to save women’s lives, access to safe abortion must be an essential component of any comprehensive maternal health initiative.

– Cecile Richards, PPFA, “Promising Steps Toward International Women’s Health,” huffingtonpost.com, June 28, 2010

The option of abortion may be the right choice for you if you do not feel you can parent at this time in your life, you are not comfortable with adoption or you do not wish to be pregnant…This decision belongs to the individual and she doesn’t need to justify it to anyone. It is hers to make. The main questions are “Is this the right time for me to have a child?” and “What are my beliefs about abortion?”

– The Abortion Choice, CSHC, CSHC website, April 2013

We believe that any decision that’s made [regarding a baby who survives an abortion] should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.

– Alisa LaPolt Snow, representing FAPPA, testifying against a bill that would require abortionists to provide medical care to an infant who survives an abortion, The Weekly Standard, March 29, 2013

[W]e have deluded ourselves into believing that people don’t know that abortion is killing. So any pretense that abortion is not killing is a signal of our ambivalence, a signal that we cannot say “yes, it kills a fetus…”

– Faye Wattleton, PPFA, 1997

Women don’t have abortions because they dislike children. Women have abortions because they love children…

– Gloria Feldt, PPFA, May 20, 2004


Why Carry More Burdens? Space Your Children Adequately.

 – PPFN poster, undated

[B]abies are not sweet little things. They wet and dirty themselves, they get sick, they’re very expensive to take care of.

– “The Perils of Puberty.” PPRM brochure, 1974

Women don’t plan an unplanned or problem pregnancy any more than they plan for a heart attack. But they expect that they have [taxpayer funded] coverage nonetheless.

– Cecile Richards, PPFA, Women on the Verge, huffingtonpost.com, December 21, 2009

The Fewer…The Merrier…Plan your family today for a better tomorrow.

– PPFN promotional sticker, undated


– newspaper ad placed by PPMSD, Burnsville/Lakeville Sun-Current (Minn.), October 16, 1996

You’re better-off with Fewer Children. Start Family Planning Today.

  – PPFN poster, undated

The point is still under debate as to whether pregnancy is a disability, a disease, a choice or a right.

– Rebecca Schmidt, PPFA, “Sex Education Urged to Combat Pregnancies,” Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, July 20, 1978

[U]nwanted pregnancy appears to be the second most [prevalent] sexually transmitted disease in our Country… Without any treatment the natural history of unwanted pregnancy involves either a spontaneous abortion or a term delivery… [U]nwanted pregnancy should be considered a sexually transmitted condition of epidemic proportion and, moreover, that legal abortion is an effective, safe, and curative treatment for that condition.

– Willard Cates, Jr., David A. Grimes, and Jack C. Smith, “Abortion as a Treatment for Unwanted Pregnancy: The Number Two Sexually Transmitted ‘Disease,’” Centers for Disease Control, Bureau of Epidemiology, Family Planning Evaluation Division, APPP annual meeting, November 11, 1976


What constitutes a “healthy” 21st-century marriage? Civil rights, romantic love, effective birth control, and the economic and social empowerment of women are relatively recent innovations in the societal and legal evolution of marriage, as is the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage.

– Eric Plosky, PPFA, ppfa.org, June 16, 2005

It is within the marriage bonds, rather than outside them, that the greatest immorality of men has been perpetrated. Church and state, through their canons and their laws, have encouraged this immorality.

  – Margaret Sanger, Woman and the New Race, 1920

I just wish they would disappear. Hey, that gives me an idea!…That’s more like it.

– “Dionysus” as she eliminates peaceful Christian protesters in the animated video “A Superhero for CHOICE, “PPGG, 2005 (The video also shows a protester being decapitated. In Greek mythology, “Dionysus” is the god of wine and a religion based on frenzied sexual activity celebrating power and fertility of nature.)

[Mother Teresa] has become for us the symbol of all that is bad in motherhood and womanhood — an image with which we do not want to be associated…You, you nightmare of a woman! You unliberated, enslaved wives, mothers, nuns and aunts…Do you not realize that you are all merely puppets of the devil?

– Mother Teresa, the Woman of My Nightmares, Sexualpedagogik, PF, March 1986

Faith and spirituality have their pros and cons. On one hand, it puts up a set of rules and regulations which if followed properly, make you a better person. On the other hand, it curbs growth of some issues which are necessary for the better upbringing of present-day adolescents.

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” a statement attributed to a young person, IPPF, 2009

Choice on Earth

– text of holiday cards and t-shirts sold by PPFA, 2012

Procreation is not the only purpose of sex and those who in the name of religion defile a holy and beautiful relationship that has its own intrinsic values do themselves commit sin. Christian parents are morally obligated to plan for the coming of their children. The proper spacing of children is an expression of love, and therefore is a religious obligation. Those who condemn such planning as sinful commit sin…

- Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, United Methodist Church, “Family Planning is Moral Duty, Religious Leaders Say,” Planned Parenthood News, PPFA, Winter 1955

The marriage-bed is the most degenerating influence of the social order…the marriage bed is a decadent institution — a reactionary development of the sex-instinct…

– Alice Groff, “The Marriage Bed,” The Woman Rebel, Margaret Sanger, publisher, July 1914

Young people’s sexuality is still contentious for many religious institutions. Fundamentalist and other religious groups the — Catholic Church and madrasas for example — [sic] have imposed tremendous barriers that prevent young people…from obtaining information and services related to sex and reproduction. Currently, many religious teachings deny the pleasurable and positive aspects of sex and limited guidelines for sexual education often focus on abstinence before marriage… The reality is, young people are sexual beings and many of them are religious as well. There is a need for pragmatism, to address life as it is and not as it might be in an ideal world.

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” IPPF, 2009

I love the fact that this ad challenges popular conceptions of religion and sexuality.

– Lisa Sargent, supporting an ad featuring safe sex angels, PPGG, April 16, 2007

Because some people, some religious and semi-religious groups dominated by elderly men, simply cannot deal rationally with sex. They can’t talk about it rationally, can’t think about it rationally, and above all can’t give up the power which controlling other people gives them. They control other people through sex. What groups? The Roman Catholic Church…The John Birch Society, the Ku Klux Klan, and certain fundamentalist churches…All of these groups control people through controlling their sexual activity. All of these groups are totalitarian groups which offer women no freedom of choice in sexual matters.

– Jan Brittian, PPACA, text accompanying a package of printed matter sent to editors of several publications, April 7, 1978

I [now] have one more thing in common with…Margaret Sanger…

– Faye Wattleton, PPFA, accepting the Humanist of the Year Award, The Humanist, July-August 1986

[F]undamentalism and narrow mindedness endanger the health of young people… Politics and political/religious reasons can no longer be an excuse for ignoring reality. Sexual rights and women’s rights cannot be tyrannised just because the “all-powerful”…Vatican “and other fundamentalists” want to do so!

– Elina Juntunen, IPPF youth publication, November 2004


– slogan used in the masthead of the Margaret Sanger publication The Woman Rebel, 1914


[A]dults often “overprotect” to the point that…young people are denied information that will help them make more responsible decisions…Nowhere is this “overprotection” more evident than in the area of sexuality. For children to make healthy…choices regarding sexuality throughout their lives, they must be encouraged to make their own choices from the youngest ages.

– Human Sexuality: What Children Should Know and When They Should Know It, PPFA, 1987

Planned Parenthood opposes any limitation or restriction on the access of adolescents to confidential reproductive health services, including contraception and abortion.

– PPFA “Mission and Policy” statement, 2003

[I]ndividuals [must be allowed] to act to obtain the services they need and want, unconstrained by psychological, attitudinal, cultural or social factors…

– “Stand & Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century,” IPPF, 2009

[T]ake the useful, smart stuff you’ve learned from your folks and kick the crap to the curb.

– teenwire.com, PPFA, 2003

You should find out whether there any centres near to you where you can go without needing the permission of your parents or guardians.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010


They’re using medical technology as political propaganda.

– Gloria Feldt, PPFA, on the use of ultrasound to show mothers a view of their developing child, AP, February 1, 2005

Abortion is a hard enough thing for any woman to decide without the torture of seeing the baby on an ultrasound screen.

– Lianne Lacroix, OSH, The Daily Courier, August 24, 2000

[W]e don’t bring any of our personal bias into our jobs. We believe women should be accurately informed of all their pregnancy choices. There has been a lot of misinformation handed out in many of these centers, and…they’re scaring women with post-abortion syndrome… There is no medical evidence of any kind that post-abortion trauma exists…

– Beverly Cooper, PPU, Salt Lake Tribune, July 9, 2005

Take action now to help us stop Crisis Pregnancy Centers from endangering women’s health.

– link on the PPCW website, March 2013

Beware of so-called “crisis pregnancy centers”…They will lie to you about the medical and emotional effects of abortion.

– PPFA brochure, 1993

In their zeal to stop women from having abortions, anti-abortion activists have set up counseling centers in hundreds of communities…Far from true counseling, these centers are designed to misinform and intimidate women — some will go to any lengths necessary to dissuade women from ending their pregnancies.

– Patient Alert, PPAU website, 2002


Some countries have laws that say people living with HIV must tell their sexual partner(s) about their status before having sex, even if they use condoms or only engage in sexual activity with a low risk of giving HIV to someone else. These laws violate the rights of people living with HIV by forcing them to disclose or face the possibility of criminal charges.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010

Did you just use a condom to protect yourself against unintended pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections? YOU GO, TIGER! Sex that safe, should be shared.

– WhereDidYouWearIt.com, PPGNW, where people worldwide may use a map to pinpoint where they had “safe sex,” 2013

Sometimes people choose not to have safer sex. If this is something you and your partner agree to, then it is your choice. It is not always possible to talk to your partner(s) about or to practise safer sex — for example, maybe you know that your partner will get angry or aggressive, or you don’t have access to condoms or a safe place to have sex.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010

As an agent of social change, Planned Parenthood has a proud history of bringing reproductive self-determination out of the realm of the mysterious and forbidden into a mainstream, broadly-embraced reality… We have “sold” the public on the notion that individuals have the right to decide when and whether they want to have children. Even before the term was coined, we were doing social marketing.

– Michael McGee, “Social Marketing for Sexual Health,” PPFA, 2005

Your decision about whether to disclose [your HIV status] may change with different people and situations. You have the right to decide if, when, and how to disclose your HIV status.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010

Explore the lifestyle of Polyamory. With almost 50% of marriages ending in divorce and 60% of couples having affairs, people are looking for alternatives to monogamy. Polyamory is having a multiple, long term, stable relationships.

– News from The SHaC, SHCLC, Winter 2006 (“Polyamory” is participation in multiple simultaneous sexual relationships.)

You know best if and when it is safe for you to disclose your [HIV] status…People in long-term relationships who find out they are living with HIV sometimes fear that their partner will react violently or end the relationship.

– “Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV,” IPPF, 2010

[A] woman’s ability to delay and space child-bearing is an essential precondition of gender equality and full social, economic and political involvement…

– Steven W. Sinding, IPPF, 2005



If they’re minors, put down that they’re students. Yeah, just kind of play along that they’re students. We want to make it look as legit as possible.

– New Jersey-based Planned Parenthood official advising a self-identified pimp on how to obtain less expensive (taxpayer subsidized) birth control for his underage sex workers, 2011

Just say you have a boyfriend 17 years old…

– local Planned Parenthood official advising a 14-year-old seeking judicial approval (bypassing a parental consent law) for an abortion to lie to the judge about the age of her 31-year-old boyfriend, 2013


Alright, um; excuse my hesitation…this is the first time I’ve had a donor call and make this kind of request so I’m excited….

– PPI official gleefully accepting money from a man who specifically said he wanted the donation earmarked for the killing of black preborn human beings, 2007

The eugenic and civilizational value of Birth Control is becoming apparent to the enlightened and the intelligent…[T]he campaign for Birth Control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical in ideal with the final aims of Eugenics.

– Margaret Sanger, “The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda,” Birth Control Review, October 1921

Organization Abbreviation Key:

AAPPP – American Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians 1
CFSH – Canadian Federation for Sexual Health 2, 3
CSHC – Calgary Sexual Health Center 4
FAPPA – Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates 5
IPPF – International Planned Parenthood Federation
IPPF-WHR – International Planned Parenthood Federation-Western Hemisphere Region 6
OSH – Options for Sexual Health 4
PF – Pro Familia (Germany) 2
PPA – Planned Parenthood of Alabama 1
PPACA – Planned Parenthood Association/Chicago Area 1
PPAM – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan 1
PPCW – Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette 1
PPFA – Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2
PPFC – Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada (see CFSH) 2, 3
PPFN – Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria 2
PPGG – Planned Parenthood Golden Gate 1, 7
PPGNW – Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest 1
PPHSSO – Planned Parenthood Health Services of Southwestern Oregon 1
PPI – Planned Parenthood of Idaho 1
PPLM – Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts 1
PPMSD – Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/South Dakota 1
PPNYC – Planned Parenthood of New York City 1
PPRM – Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains 1
PPU – Planned Parenthood of Utah 1
SHCLC – Sexual Health Centre Lunenburg County 4
UHPP – Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood 1


1 PPFA affiliate
2 IPPF affiliate representing the respective country noted
3 PPFC is now CFSH
4 CFSH affiliate
5 Florida-based PPFA affiliates lobby in coalition under this name
6 IPPF regional office
7 PPGG has been disaffiliated by PPFA for reasons unrelated to philosophy

Teenwire.com no longer exists as an individual website. Material intended for teenagers has been incorporated into the PPFA website.