Basic Information About Planned Parenthood



What is Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest birth control enterprise and the most vocal proponent of legal abortion. In the United States, Planned Parenthood commits more abortions than any other single entity. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. (PPFA) was the founding member of the London, England-based International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and is currently affiliated with the group.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America describes itself as “the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocate…” Planned Parenthood claims that “everyone has the right to choose when or whether to have a child…” It wants laws guaranteeing “reproductive freedom,” including unlimited birth control and abortion for everyone, regardless of age.

Who founded Planned Parenthood?

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.30.42 PMPlanned Parenthood was founded in 1916 by eugenics advocate Margaret Higgins Sanger. She saw birth control as the key to limiting the numbers of people she considered inferior. Sanger wanted to protect the rights and power of those she believed to be of an elite superior breed as they would be needed to rule over “the hordes of irresponsibility and imbecility.”

Sanger favored “a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation” against anyone “whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.” An editorial in Birth Control Review, a publication Sanger founded, summarized her goal: “More children from the fit, less from the unfit — that is the chief issue in Birth Control.”

Sanger said the Eugenics Movement could not succeed without birth control, which she described as “the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives.” In fact, she said the core reason behind birth control and eugenics is “practically identical.” Sanger primarily sought to control the reproduction of immigrants, the poor, certain religious groups, and anyone else she thought was from an “unacceptable” heritage. Sanger referred to such people as reckless breeders who were “unceasingly spawning a class of human beings who never should have been born at all…”

Today’s Planned Parenthood “proudly carries on the courageous tradition of Margaret Sanger…” Planned Parenthood still hails Sanger as a “20th Century Hero” and claims she “changed the world…for the better.”

What is the relationship between a local Planned Parenthood and PPFA?

On June 30, 2017, PPFA had 56 affiliates and some 600 “health centers,” covering every state and the District of Columbia. Affiliates are required to maintain an active lobbying unit and must abide by PPFA standards, including fervent devotion to its philosophy and goals. Any suggestion that the objectives of an affiliate are even slightly dissimilar to those of its national office is flatly untrue.

What is Planned Parenthood’s budget?

Planned Parenthood’s income for 2016-2017 was nearly $1.46 billion, with 37.3 percent coming from taxpayers. For this “nonprofit” every fiscal year ends with millions of dollars in “excess revenue over expenses.” The “excess” for 2016-2017 alone was $98.5 million. (Since the 2005-2006 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood has had a total “excess” of nearly $1 billion.)

On June 30, 2015, Planned Parenthood’s net assets were in excess of $1.63 billion, of which $608.9 million was unrestricted (essentially a savings account) and $273.6 million was temporarily restricted. Despite these sums, Planned Parenthood incessantly claims it needs more money.

Does Planned Parenthood commit abortions?

Planned Parenthood commits more abortions than any other single entity in the United States. Affiliates not yet committing surgical abortions onsite must refer to abortionists elsewhere. In late 2010, however, it was announced that PPFA will soon require every affiliate to commit abortions.

In a newsletter distributed to its abortionists, Planned Parenthood wrote, “We see abortion as a necessary, desirable service and as an integral piece of comprehensive reproductive health care services.”

Planned Parenthood opposes all laws that protect preborn human beings, including bans on late-term abortions and those done for “birth control,” “convenience,” and sex selection, as well as other proposals that have widespread public support. At the same time, Planned Parenthood claims its views are in sync with those of the vast majority of Americans.

Planned Parenthood admits to “surgically” killing 321,384 preborn human beings in 2016 alone, generating an estimated $140 million. Only 3,889 customers were referred to adoption agencies.

Planned Parenthood claims it prevents the “need” for abortion while concurrently working to increase its share of the lucrative market. In 1984, Planned Parenthood committed nearly 5.5 percent of all abortions in the United States. The figure is now almost 25 percent. Clearly, its programs create a demand for abortion. Planned Parenthood can prove its programs are used, but not that they are successful.

All Planned Parenthood “clinics” sell “emergency” birth control. Many take orders for the deadly concoction on-line and/or by phone without requiring a physical examination. In 2016 Planned Parenthood sold 730,329 “emergency” birth control kits.

Birth control pills occasionally cause an abortion but “emergency” birth control usually does so. Planned Parenthood claims neither can cause an abortion. In order to back this claim Planned Parenthood and its collaborators have resorted to verbal engineering.

A 1971 book endorsed by then-Planned Parenthood President Alan Guttmacher defined “pregnancy” as the “period between conception [fertilization of the ovum] and birth.” Yet Vanessa Cullins, Planned Parenthood’s vice president for medical affairs, has declared that pregnancy begins with “implantation of the developing fertilized egg… (emphasis added).” Similarly, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has dumped “pregnancy” in favor of “established pregnancy,” which it says occurs between 8 and 18 days after fertilization. This overt deception cannot change the indisputable truth, but it does allow Planned Parenthood to mislead customers.

Is Planned Parenthood pro-woman?

Planned Parenthood claims to be pro-woman but opposes “women’s right to know” legislation. And despite dozens of studies showing a link between breast cancer and abortion, Planned Parenthood refuses to tell women about the research, all of which it dismisses as flawed. “There is no truth to this at all,” Cullins said of the link. “It is one of those nasty myths invented by anti-choice organizations to frighten women away from having an abortion.”

A “nasty myth” by “anti-choice” groups? One study was conducted for the National Cancer Institute by Dr. Janet R. Daling of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. “Among women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women,” she said. “I would have loved to have found no association between breast cancer and abortion, but our research is rock solid, and our data is accurate. It’s not a matter of believing. It’s a matter of what is.”

Daling supports legal abortion but opposes a self-serving “gag rule” that suppresses medical data and leads to patient ignorance. “If politics gets involved in science, it will really hold back the progress we make. I have three sisters with breast cancer, and I resent people messing with the scientific data to further their own agenda…”

In 2005 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) publicly confirmed that combined estrogen-progestin oral birth control causes cancer. IARC put the birth control method into the highest category of carcinogenicity, which is only used “when there is sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in humans.” Yet Planned Parenthood has also withheld this information.

Have visits to Planned Parenthood “clinics” proven fatal?

Yes. In 2003 Planned Parenthood gave mifepristone to Holly Patterson and told her to take misoprostol at home. Within four days she was taken to an emergency room due to bleeding and debilitating cramps. The 18-year-old returned three days later, in pain and vomiting. Holly died shortly thereafter.

The Alameda County (Calif.) Coroner said fragments of the dead preborn baby left inside the uterus led to sepsis. The infection sent the teenager into septic shock, which caused her untimely death.

The State of California cited Planned Parenthood for not providing full information on the procedure for self-administration of the drugs. The deaths of at least two other women have been tied to the same abortion method in early 2006.

What about rumors tying Planned Parenthood to racism?

In 2007 a young man associated with The Advocate, a student publication at UCLA, called Planned Parenthood affiliates in seven states saying he wanted to make a donation. Several Planned Parenthood officials were eager to accept the money, but there was a catch. The donor said he wanted the money used only to kill black preborn babies.

A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Idaho expressed great joy and excitement over the gift, despite the fact that the donor was motivated by racism. The phone call was recorded:

Caller: Okay, so–so the abortion could — could be — you know — I could give money specifically for a black baby. That would–that would be the purpose.

Planned Parenthood: Yeah. Absolutely, um, if you wanted to designate that you wanted your gift to be used to help an African-American woman in need, um, then we would certainly, ah, make sure that that gift was earmarked specifically for that purpose.

Caller: Great, because I really face trouble with Affirmative Action and I don’t want my kids being disadvantaged, you know, against, um, black kids. I just had a baby. I wanna put it in his name…

Planned Parenthood: Hmm. Hmm. Absolutely. That’s fantastic. …

Caller: …Great…he’s [going to be] trying to get into, into colleges and he’ll be applying, you know, and uh, and uh, he’s just, ah, we’re just really big, um, um, we’re really, he’s really faced troubles with Affirmative Action and, you know, we don’t, we just think, you know, the less, the less black kids out there the better.

Planned Parenthood: Understandable, understandable…You said you wanted to put it in your son’s name and you would like this designated specifically to assist [an] African-American woman who’s looking to terminate a pregnancy?

Caller: Yeah…I wanna protect my son so he can get into college.

Planned Parenthood: Alright, um; excuse my hesitation…this is the first time I’ve had a donor call and make this kind of request so I’m excited…

This should actually be of great surprise to no one because Planned Parenthood’s founder had implemented programs designed to destroy “unwanted” groups of people. In fact, according to a 2011 Planned Parenthood statement, “Sanger’s early efforts remain the hallmark of Planned Parenthood’s mission…” Planned Parenthood continues to use Sanger’s methods but now claims the programs will “help” people. Either Sanger was grossly mistaken or today’s Planned Parenthood is keeping a long-held secret.

What about the undercover investigations at Planned Parenthood?

A California-based pro-life organization, Live Action, sent actors with hidden cameras to Planned Parenthood offices in several American cities. (The media and Planned Parenthood itself have been doing this kind of thing for many years, particularly at pregnancy help centers.)

In January 2011, two actors entered a Planned Parenthood facility in New Jersey; one portraying a prostitute and the other her pimp. In the video, the clinic manager explains how the pair may get abortions, sexually transmitted disease testing, and birth control for their fellow sex workers without anybody finding out about their sex-trafficking ring. The manager warns the pimp and his prostitute to have their girls lie about their age to avoid mandatory reporting laws because they are required to report the matter to authorities if the girl is under the age of 15. The manager recommends that by giving Planned Parenthood staff “as little information as possible,” it is less likely that something will be said that triggers the need to file a report. The manager also tells the pimp that he can get less expensive birth control for his prostitutes at Planned Parenthood by having them claim to be students. “If they’re minors, put down that they’re students. Yeah, just kind of play along that they’re students — we want to make it look as legit as possible.” She even advised the prostitute on the types of sexual acts she could do with her “clients” right after getting an abortion.

Undercover work done in Virginia, New York and Washington, D.C. also showed Planned Parenthood staffers coaching the pimp and prostitute on how they can get services without exposing their child sex-trafficking operation. In fact, in New York the pimp was told he can claim to be the guardian of the minor who is working for him when she wants to get birth control or an abortion.

In past years, Live Action undercover videos have shown Planned Parenthood officials covering up the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl and suggesting that a 14-year-old girl lie about her boyfriend. In the latter case, Planned Parenthood counseled the girl who wanted an abortion to lie to the judge about the age of her 31-year-old boyfriend when seeking a judicial bypass to circumvent a state parental consent law. “Just say you have a boyfriend 17 years old…” the Planned Parenthood official told the minor because doing so would keep the “boyfriend” from getting into trouble. It would also allow the sexual relationship to continue. (All undercover videos may be seen at

Does Planned Parenthood respect parental rights?

Planned Parenthood believes every young person can make “responsible decisions” regarding sex, birth control and abortion. “As part of its ongoing advocacy to protect and enhance reproductive rights for all Americans,” Planned Parenthood began a campaign to “safeguard minors’ access to abortion.”

Planned Parenthood demands the “right” to commit an abortion on your minor child and/or give her birth control, even via invasive means (injections). It opposes all laws that would give rights to parents on such matters — even the right to be informed.

Does Planned Parenthood support abstinence education?

Planned Parenthood’s First Things First program was designed to reduce by half the number of teens who get pregnant “and give birth.” Planned Parenthood wants to reduce teen pregnancy that results in childbirth; not sexual behavior that results in pregnancy. This may be accomplished through Planned Parenthood’s growing abortion business.

Planned Parenthood teaches there are no “rights” or “wrongs” with any sexual activity if there are no “victims.” It fervently opposes sex education that focuses on abstinence and has filed lawsuits against school districts that implement them. Planned Parenthood has published articles and “reports” that assail abstinence education. Titles include: “Call for the Investigation of Harmful Abstinence-Only Programs,” “Abstinence-Only Sex Education? Not in My Backyard!” “Flaws of Global Abstinence-Until-Marriage Programs,” and “The Abstinence-Only Scam.”

In 2008 the Centers for Disease Control reported that nearly three million teenage girls were infected with a sexually transmitted disease. “How could this happen?” Planned Parenthood asked. “Planned Parenthood knows where to point the finger — not at young people, but at the $1.5 billion failure of a national sex education policy that promotes abstinence-only programs.” Yes, Planned Parenthood blames abstinence education — not teen sexual activity — for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, even though the federal abstinence program gets less than ten percent of the funds “family planning” receives.

Nothing can put a damper on an ideology better than a study done by an indisputably reputable source. The February 2010 edition of Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine included the results of the most comprehensive study ever conducted to measure the success rate of abstinence education programs. The Washington Post reported on the release of the study:

Over the next two years, about 33 percent of the students who went through the abstinence program started having sex, compared with about 52 percent who were taught only safe sex. About 42 percent of the students who went through the comprehensive program started having sex, and about 47 percent of those who learned about other ways to be healthy did. The abstinence program had no negative effects on condom use, which has been a major criticism of the abstinence approach.

Despite the findings of the study, Planned Parenthood continues to cling to and defend its lucrative but unsuccessful programs. (Abstinent teenagers do not become Planned Parenthood customers.)

Interestingly, while raising a fist in opposition to the federal abstinence education program, Planned Parenthood quietly used its other hand to apply for some of the funds. (Needless-to-say, Planned Parenthood’s definition of “abstinence” is vastly different from that of most people.) Planned Parenthood essentially argues that any taxpayer funds not spent on its programs are wasted.

Planned Parenthood claims to offer “value-neutral” sex education, but for decades has demanded the implementation of its own brand of “comprehensive sex education,” which clearly reflects its “values.” Every year the problems get worse. And when the problems get worse, Planned Parenthood demands more money. The cycle never ends.

Why haven’t we heard this before now?

Public ignorance of Planned Parenthood’s activities, goals and philosophy has long been its greatest ally. Yet it is clear that the greater the public education about Planned Parenthood, the far less enthusiasm there is for having the behemoth in a community.