Planned Parenthood Challenge

Planned Parenthood Challenge



LDI stands ready to challenge Planned Parenthood at every level, in any forum, and whenever possible.

LDI’s chief method of challenging Planned Parenthood is through education. The vast majority of people are grossly unaware of Planned Parenthood’s agenda, goals, philosophy, activities, financial status, and so forth. Moreover, most people have no idea how they and their respective families would be impacted if Planned Parenthood were to be successful at creating the kind of world is envisions.

Education starts here. Everything you are about to read — without exception — is 100 percent true. All quotations are presented in their proper context. Nothing has been exaggerated. Nothing has been altered.

Please proceed with an open mind…


 Planned Parenthood: The Basics

Quotations from Planned Parenthood Documents and Leaders