Frequently Asked Questions



How is it decided that a company should be added to The Boycott Handbook? What does a company have to do to be removed fromThe Boycott Handbook?

The Boycott Handbook includes corporations that have donated to Planned Parenthood–at any level, in any amount–within the past five years, but whose officials refuse to say donations will not be made in the future. Some corporate officials claim they no longer support Planned Parenthood. If officials refuse to say donations will not be made in the future, the company remains on The Boycott Handbook until grants to Planned Parenthood have ceased for five years. This is done to prevent corporations from donating five-times as much money every five years and claiming for four years that they do not support Planned Parenthood. Therefore, do not be surprised if a corporation responds that it is not supporting Planned Parenthood. (LDI contacts each corporation on a regular basis to afford their leaders an opportunity to let us know if they qualify to be removed from The Boycott Handbook.)

The Boycott Handbook does not include every corporate supporter of Planned Parenthood, but only those that have been investigated and given “due process.” All corporations listed have received information about Planned Parenthood, along with a request that support cease. A corporate name is added to The Boycott Handbook only if, after a reasonable amount of time, its leaders refuse to change the philanthropic practice. Remarkably, to date, at least 345 corporations have stopped supporting Planned Parenthood. This is due to the prayers, commitment and persistence of people like you.

LDI does not track grants made to Planned Parenthood through matching gift programs. These are employee-driven donations, not corporate. LDI does, however, track gifts in-kind.

A company will be dropped as a boycott target if it stops funding Planned Parenthood for at least five years (automatically) or if a corporate official states that the pro-abortion group will be made ineligible for support in the future (immediate removal from The Boycott Handbook ). It is the responsibility of corporate officials to notify LDI if a company qualifies for removal from The Boycott Handbook.

What if I do not agree with your standards?

We have received a few calls from pro-life activists who are second-guessing our Standards and Policies. Some say they will not boycott a company unless it gives X numbers of dollars to Planned Parenthood. Others say they will not boycott a company unless it donated to Planned Parenthood within the past month. Still others want to establish an array of different standards. Similarly, some pro-life activists have chosen to support corporations that “are good for the community,” even though they support Planned Parenthood. While every individual must act according to his or her conscience, we respectfully ask all pro-lifers to be united behind our successful and equitable standards.

What should I do if I suspect that a company is funding Planned Parenthood?

If you have strong reason to suspect that a company is donating to Planned Parenthood, but it is not listed as a boycott target, let us know. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we cannot accommodate requests to investigate all corporations with which our supporters do business.

Do you have a list of companies that are pro-life? What companies have been removed from The Boycott Handbook?

We cannot honor requests for the following: 1) a list of “acceptable” companies (it could not be all-inclusive; and 2) the names of corporations removed from The Boycott Handbook (as per our promise to the corporations). Planned Parenthood and its allies would surely target corporations on “alternative/approved” and “removed/cleared” lists for its own boycott — and we would have done the research for them.

Should I stop taking my prescription since it is made by a boycotted company?

We strongly discourage pro-life advocates from boycotting products that are necessary for good health (particularly prescription medications) when substitutes are not available and doctor-approved.

I use Adobe Reader. Should I get rid of it? I also own several pairs of jeans from Levi Strauss. Should I throw them away?

No. Getting rid of (throwing away) these products would simply be wasteful. (If an automobile manufacturer were a boycott target would we expect you to get rid of your car? No.) We suggest that you purchase no other products from a boycotted corporation.

As for Adobe, the company’s Reader program is free of charge and the company does not make more money if you download the program. (LDI uses both Microsoft and Adobe products, but we have not purchased anything from either of these two corporations since they became boycott targets.)

The same principle applies when it comes to clothing or any other purchase. Do not throw anything away; just don’t buy from the boycotted corporation in the future.

We do not the boycott to become a “religion.” Do the very best you can, without offering up unreasonable excuses, and you will be serving the cause well.

How often is an updated edition of The Boycott Handbook published?

The Boycott Handbook is published at least twice per calendar year. However, a new edition is released as changes warrant, not on a schedule, so the date of publication may vary quite significantly. Updates between the release of a new Boycott Handbook are published in LDI’s newsletter, The Caleb Report. Revised editions of The Boycott Handbook and The Caleb Report are automatically mailed to LDI Partners as soon as they become available.

Should I boycott a company if it is not based in my country?

Persons not residing in the country where listed corporations are based are urged to boycott products made by those companies if sold in their area. Tell the corporate affiliate that the funding of Planned Parenthood by any part of the company, regardless of its location, cannot be tolerated. We must act together and recognize no borders to make this boycott most effective.

Should I write to the boycott targets and can I expect a reply?

Pro-life advocates are encouraged to write to each corporation every two months or so. Please be kind, respectful and brief. (The Boycott Handbook includes all of the necessary information: name of chief executive officer, address, phone number, and website address.) Remember–if pro-life advocates become discouraged, Planned Parenthood wins! Corporations usually respond with a form letter, which will probably evade the issue, rationalize actions, or even deny guilt outright. (We encourage you to tell corporate officials that LDI is the source of your information and if they deny supporting Planned Parenthood, they should contact us.) We can answer any questions you may have about corporate rhetoric.

What is the “Charities Behaving Badly” section of The Boycott Handbook?

The Charities Behaving Badly section identifies nonprofit organizations that are associated with Planned Parenthood and/or its agenda. The Boycott Handbook includes information as to why each respective charity has been included in this section.

Does The Boycott Handbook identify local/regional supporters of Planned Parenthood?

The Boycott Handbook names only those corporations that do business over a large area. However, LDI also researches and publishes a list of companies that do business only on a local/regional scale.

What should I do if I find an error on The Boycott Handbook?

While every effort is made to ensure that all information included in The Boycott Handbook is accurate, there is always the possibility of human or mechanical error. Moreover, there are frequent changes in the corporate world. If you should notice an error, please report it to us as soon as possible. Corrections and changes between the release of Boycott Handbooks are published in LDI’s newsletter, The Caleb Report. (We have never made an error regarding the corporations appearing on The Boycott Handbook. We refer here to subsidiaries, spelling errors, etc.)

How is the CFP supported?

Please remember that we are a pro-life organization that depends on the generous contributions of those who agree with our mission. LDI could not survive on the funds received from those who order our materials. We appreciate your ongoing and generous support so The Boycott Handbook and our other educational programs that are designed to fight Planned Parenthood may continue and reach as many people as possible. LDI has earned a reputation for publishing factual, quality information and all donations are used with wisdom and prudence.