Pro-Life/Pro-Family Endorsements Of The CFP

Pro-Life/Pro-Family Endorsements of the CFP

We wish to acknowledge and thank the fine pro-life/pro-family organizations that have endorsed and participated in the Corporate Funding Project. The selflessness of their respective leaders greatly advances the Pro-Life Movement:

Advocates for Life Ministries

American Coalition for Life

American Family Association

American Life League

Americans United for Life

Campaign Life Coalition

Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Central Virginia Christian Voice for Life

Christian Coalition of America

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

Coalitions for America

Concerned Women for America

Couple to Couple League

Defenders of Life

Dubuque County (Iowa) Right to Life

Eagle Forum

Family Research Council

Feminists for Life

Human Life International

Life Advocacy Resource Project


Life Education and Resource Network

Life Issues Institute

Lutherans for Life

Methodists for Life

National Associations of Evangelicals

Pro-Life Action League

Pro-Life Action Ministries

Pro Vita Advisors

Real Estate for Life

Students for Life of America

Traditional Values Coalition

World Youth Alliance

The following entities had endorsed the CFP but were involuntarily dropped as endorsing organizations because their leadership knowingly chose to enter into a business relationship with a boycott target:


Family of the Americas Foundation

March for Life

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates

Priests for Life

The following entities entered into a business relationship with a boycott target and chose to continue the association even after being informed that the corporation is a boycott target:

40 Days for Life


Live Action

Nevada Families Education Foundation

Operation Rescue West

The following local entity chose to do business with a boycott target despite the fact that its national organization has endorsed the Corporate Funding Project:

Nevada Eagle Forum