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It is important that you read Placing An Order and Your Privacy before ordering.

THE BOYCOTT HANDBOOK identifies corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood. One checkbook-size version is included with every Boycott Handbook ordered. (The Checkbook List is not available apart from Boycott Handbook.) Updates are printed in The Caleb Report (see below). The Boycott Handbook is published semiannually, but not on a specific schedule. (The Boycott Handbook and Checkbook List are automatically mailed to LDI Partners. Partners wishing to receive more than one Boycott Handbook when new versions are released may do so at a discount by preordering when they sign up for or renew a Partnership.) Please read CFP Copyright Details before ordering.)

THE CALEB REPORT, LDI’s hard-hitting newsletter, is not for the faint-of-heart. Published six times per year, it is a candid look at everything from Planned Parenthood’s political activity and “educational” programs to the group’s financial empire. The Caleb Report covers additional issues of interest to pro-family activists that are generally not found in other periodicals.  (The Caleb Report is automatically sent to LDI Partners. The Caleb Report may include material that some people could find unsuitable or objectionable, in which case a warning precedes the article.)

“ON THE RECORD: THE PHILOSOPHY OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD” is a 20-page, 2-color brochure featuring quotations from Planned Parenthood advertisements, hierarchy, and publications (including those recommended by the group). What does Planned Parenthood really stand for? What do its leaders say about teen sexual activity, abstinence, parents, children, abortion and other vital topics? Has Planned Parenthood’s agenda changed over the years? The quotations will leave you stunned, but they are verifiably true! This brochure is an eye-opening look at the Planned Parenthood its hierarchy would rather keep secret. (Applicable worldwide. Adults are encouraged to review the content of this brochure before making it available to minors.)

COSTS (all figures are U.S. funds and apply to orders sent to a Canadian address):

>PARTNERSHIP (annual subscriptions)

  • The Boycott Handbook, Checkbook List and The Caleb Report (all sent via our respective Postal Services): $57.00
  • The Boycott Handbook and Checkbook List (sent via our respective Postal Services), as well as The Caleb Report (sent via e-mail; please send us your e-mail address): $45.00

The Boycott Handbook (one Checkbook List is included with each Boycott List ordered)

First Handbook (per order): $22.00

Additional Handbook(s) sent to the same address as the first List$4.75 each (Partners may order additional Handbooks for $4.25 each; Partnership must be current.)

Partners may preorder additional Boycott Handbooks that will automatically be mailed to them whenever a new edition is released for a period of one year (includes a minimum of two editions; runs concurrent with Partnership; commences with the next published edition): $6.00 each.

BROCHURE (“On The Record: The Philosophy of Planned Parenthood”)


2 - 4
250 or more


$1.05 each
85¢ each
75¢ each
65¢ each
55¢ each
50¢ each
45¢ each
40¢ each

LIFE DECISIONS INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to challenging Planned Parenthood at all levels. While it is impossible to challenge Planned Parenthood dollar-for-dollar, we need your help to do our best. LDI is committed to using the highest ethical principles with regard to both finances and strategy. If you believe our work is important, please consider making an additional donation. Thank you!


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