Commentary: True Unity (Sudlow)

March 6, 2016

A Vote for True Unity

by David Howard Sudlow


America desperately needs a truthful standard bearer as our next president. We are at a very serious and dangerous time for our divided nation. Will “We the People” make the right choice?

Our only hope of not going off the cliff is to find the unity that always gives God’s blessing. Our great strength has been our unity for truth founded in our Judeo-Christian world view. It includes God’s standard of truth for moral clarity and righteousness. It is the only way we can escape the Lord’s virtuous judgments.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has raised this standard and is undoubtedly the most viable candidate to do so. He is a true statesman with a proven record of standing for the Word of God, the Constitution and the freedoms we enjoy.

If either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton were to become president our nation will move further away from the Lord. They are great deceivers whose god is the father of lies and it is impossible for them to make God honoring deals on the issues. We will not be on the Lord’s side if we compromise or think we can take a neutral stand. Wolves in sheep’s clothing cannot save America. How can anyone without a serious love for truth make a competent choice on Supreme Court justices, freedom, life, civil unrest, Israel and war? The handwriting has already appeared on the walls of the White House and severe judgments are facing us.

Let us be honest. If ‘We the People’ wait until November it may be too late and we will need to be ready for a lot worse. It is very doubtful Trump could beat Clinton due to the millions of Christians who will not vote for him. Therefore, please pray fervently and vote in the primaries/caucuses while we can still make the best choice.

Christians are a “house divided” and therefore our nation is divided. History proves a house divided will not stand. We have left the Lord and His standards of true and false. We are a backslidden people so far down in our corporate sins that only a movement of repentance can turn the tide. Only our sincere prayer of confession can defeat the enemy who has come in like a flood. This is the key to the great revival we have been seeking and this movement is gaining momentum.

The banner of this movement is the ancient call to Israel, “If My people,” and the Cruz campaign is the only one embracing it. If we the people unite with God on this theme, vote our faith and rally for Ted Cruz, we will see our Christian liberty continue.

May the Lord have mercy upon us and give us grace to choose His righteousness. The choice is clear. “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

David Howard Sudlow was raised in a conservative Christian home, yet was a prodigal son for most of his teenage years. Just before his 21st birthday, David found himself in a “Damascus Road” experience, which brought him to the true reality of life through the power Jesus Christ.

David has worked as a layman in a number of Christian ministries and traveled in 25 countries. In 1994, Christians for Israel International asked him to start the Christians for Israel ministry in the USA and Canada. David served as the organization’s executive director and publication editor for six years.

David believes he has a timely message for today. The Church needs to awaken from a Laodicea condition and recognize the prophetic signs of Christ’s Second Coming. As a lay-evangelist he challenges Christians to have faith in the “blessed hope” and to live in the expectancy of the imminent return of Jesus.

David Howard Sudlow resides in Strasburg, Virginia, with his wife, Nita, and their ten children.

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