Financial Planning

Financial Planning

For many years, people have asked how to avoid owning stock in companies on The Boycott List through their investments. It is a question we have struggled to answer. We are not in the investment business and don’t pretend to offer investment advice. We do know a number of firms were using our research even when they were specifically asked not to do it. Others were using old and outdated research or research from other organizations of questionable value.

The following is a list of organizations or individuals that have supported our efforts. We have sent them our list and update it as needed. We assume they are making use of it. If your investment advisor’s name or organization is not on the list, ask them why.

LDI is grateful for the support of the two excellent financial management companies listed below:

Ave Maria Funds        
Timothy Plan

Investment professionals who would like to be added to this list should contact Thomas Strobhar, Chairman of Life Decisions International, at (937) 306-1402.