What About LDI's Fiscal Management?

What About LDI’s Fiscal Management?

All policies regarding fiduciary accountability are established by LDI’s respected Board of Directors. This talented group of volunteers actively overseers LDI’s finances to ensure that LDI employs only the highest ethical standards. Furthermore, a certified public accountant serves on LDI’s Board of Advisors.

In addition to policies that require strict fiscal management and accountability, LDI’s Board of Directors has approved the following related policies:

  1. LDI will not do business with a profit-making entity with which an employee or member of the Board of Directors has personal financial ties unless an appropriate blind bid process has been employed. Some pro-life leaders have amassed great personal wealth by engaging in such unethical practices. (For more information, see the May-June 2010 edition of The Caleb Report, “Planned Parenthood Gets Four Stars,” pages 4-6.)
  2. Paid staff members may not serve as voting members of the Board of Directors.

LDI has a very small budget, particularly in comparison to those of other nationwide/international organizations. But LDI policies make it clear that whether the budget be large or small, there is no excuse for unbiblical/unlawful behavior or practices. We realize that every gift received is from caring people who have enough faith in LDI’s leadership that they are willing to share a portion of their hard-earned income with us. We will never take this for granted.


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