Pro-Life Activists Speak About LDI

What Do Pro-Life Activists Say About LDI?

The men and women who donate a portion of their hard-earned income to Life Decisions International were asked to respond to this question: Why do you support LDI? Check out their responses:


With every issue of The Caleb Report and LDI’s Special Reports, I get more truth and more powerful information than I get from the rest of the “civilized” world. They speak the plain truth and they do it with modesty, unimpeachable integrity, and on a budget that would not amount to the interest on even one of Planned Parenthood’s deposit accounts. God surely holds a special place for the courageous people of LDI.

– David K., Esq., Loveland, Ohio


I support LDI because I know that I will called upon to answer how I treated the least of my brothers!! The unborn are our weakest brothers. Money has power. I do not want to provide any more power to Planned Parenthood. I can’t prevent it from happening all the time, but sure want to as much as possible! Knowledge is power too. LDI gives me power! Thanks, and God bless!

– Sheila R., Fredericksburg, Virginia


LDI helps me put my beliefs into action. I work with an accountant who manages my investments by buying stock in companies that are not on The Boycott List.

– Joanne, Canton, Michigan


How can we not do what we can to put an end to the killing of tiny babies; the misinformation that is disseminated, especially to our young people; and the total waste of taxpayers’ money? Worse than wasted, it’s used for evil purposes.

– Ray & Gertrude P., Alton, Michigan


Many good pro-life people are unknowingly participating in abortion by their daily purchases. Luckily, LDI’s research provides an effective vehicle for countering the massive corporate funding of the abortion industry. Because the widespread use of the LDI Boycott List can bring an end to abortion, I talk up this organization at every opportunity that arises.

– Ruth Enero, President, Seamless Garment Network


I think it’s just plain consistency. If I think abortion is murder, then I should not enrich the companies that help fund it if I can possibly avoid it. “Touch nothing unclean” from Isaiah 52:11, is a verse that comes to my mind. Boycotting may not make much difference to some companies, but I think it makes a difference to God.

– Kevin W., St. Paul, Minnesota

I support LDI because it is the only organization that I know of where I can get information on which companies contribute to Planned Parenthood. I try to avoid products sold by those companies who support Planned Parenthood and I make my investment decisions largely base upon whether or not they support Planned Parenthood.

– Robert C., Chattanooga, Tennessee


We support LDI because we want to be responsible in our investing practices and do not want to have any corporation in our portfolio that is supporting Planned Parenthood. We also try not to purchase their products when possible.

– Marilyn L., Casselton, North Dakota


I support LDI because of the encouraging work you are doing. Many, many years ago a friend told me about your organization. I sent for a Boycott List. I was excited that someone felt the burden of the evil that Planned Parenthood was doing to our women. I immediately started boycotting everyone on the List, even though some of the companies were hard to stop doing business with. I wrote them all letters and started spreading the news to my family and friends.

Thank you for your ongoing work. I’m sure there are rough days, but I encourage you to “hang in there” and trust Jesus to help you do what He has called you to do. May God bless you for all you’ve done to open the eyes of people like me.

– Lori J., Urbandale, Iowa


I support LDI because as a Christian I believe that we have a duty to faithfully work at holding back the floodgates of evil in a decaying society. God gives us life and it is for Him to take. If we know and believe this we must help in any way possible to do what is right in God’s eyes. If I believe that abortion is wrong and takes a life given by God and do nothing, then I am sinning (James 4:17).

– Rick G., Hilbre, Manitoba


I support LDI because it is focused, effective and it stretches every dollar it receives.

Planned Parenthood is in the business of teaching people to fornicate, contracept and abort. It has been very effective in spreading its deadly agenda throughout the United States and around the world. Planned Parenthood is in business not to help women, but to make money. Every time a government, a corporation or an individual gives money to Planned Parenthood, it gains power, legitimacy and profit. Planned Parenthood poses as a charity, but it is a lucrative business. Planned Parenthood has become part of the landscape to many Americans—as American as apple pie—as one Planned Parenthood ad proclaims.

LDI does not accept the status quo. LDI thinks that the killing of unborn children is immoral and should not be supported by American corporations. In order to persuade corporations not to contribute to Planned Parenthood, LDI boycotts those that contribute to it. Corporations do not like controversy. If Planned Parenthood contributions produce unwelcome publicity or shrink a corporation’s bottom line, many times the corporations will stop contributing to Planned Parenthood. LDI has persuaded dozens of corporations to stop contributing to Planned Parenthood. It has done this on a no-frills budget.

I wish I had a million dollars to contribute to LDI. With a million dollars, I have no doubt that LDI could convince every corporation to stop funding Planned Parenthood. At that point, LDI could happily go out of business. God bless Life Decisions International for speaking the truth and taking a stand for life.

– Mary S., Wexford, Pennsylvania


We support LDI because it is so very focused on what it does, in a non-emotional, very matter-of-fact way, using excellent stewardship along the way. We know that with LDI’s work done God’s way, others will be educated and informed about the truth of Planned Parenthood. And the truth will be known.

– Bette & Tom S., Medford, Oregon


As a seminarian, I have committed my life to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those with whom I come into contact. Part of bringing the light of the Christ to the world involves the obligation to expose evil and any obstacles to accepting Jesus Christ. The good work of LDI in exposing the evil of Planned Parenthood and their supporters who are complicit in the evil of abortion is worthy of support. God bless you!

– James R., Cincinnati, Ohio


I support LDI because I believe that the fight for the rights of the unborn will not be effective unless we rid the world of Planned Parenthood. LDI does so much to further that cause by limiting the funding sources and revealing Planned Parenthood for what they really are purveyors of death and destruction.

– William K., Fairmont, Minnesota


I have supported LDI for several years for various reasons.

I have personal experience involved with a Planned Parenthood abortion mil in our area. We fought them in City Hall and the courts in about four lawsuits. It was a real education about the unfairness of our justice system. After about five years Planned Parenthood opened their abortion mill and we continue to fight them. That makes me even more determined not to give Planned Parenthood any more than I have to.

I am sick about all the taxpayer dollars that goes to Planned Parenthood.

I was personally directly involved in direct contacts with top management in large corporations. I experienced both failure and success. I got on the agenda for the annual meeting for principal, went to the meeting, gave their Board and everyone else in attendance my pitch and honestly felt that they would have to quit contributing to Planned Parenthood. I was wrong—they are still on The Boycott List. In another large bank, I worked behind the scenes with a key top official and he agreed to convince top management to quit contributing to Planned Parenthood. In return, I agreed we would not picket his main bank.

We do a similar boycott on the smaller firms that supported the construction of the new fancy Planned Parenthood abortion mill in our area. We are now just getting going on the companies that provide support for the operation of the mill.

– Charlie B., DeWitt, Iowa


I support LDI because you are witnessing to the Way, the Truth and the Life.

– Joe & Doreen M., Orchard Park, New York


We support LDI because we feel that prayer and boycotting are very effective ways to make a point, change hearts, and show our non-support for organizations that support the killing of human beings.

– Frank S., Minden, Nevada


I support LDI because I appreciate its uncompromising commitment to the pro-life cause; the valuable news and insights into Planned Parenthood and related issues; the excellence of its work. Rock on! Be encouraged!

– Dave V., Midland, Michigan


I support LDI because I am a volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center and I’m tired of hearing the lies that Planned Parenthood is spreading that harm the women of my community. Thank you for your hard work on god’s behalf!

– Sue B., Steamboat Springs, Colorado


We support LDI because of their integrity and research thoroughness. They are someone we can trust.

– Geri B., Los Angeles, California


I support LDI because they provide me with effective tools that I can use to help in my small way to make a pro-life statement with my hard-earned dollars. LDI empowers us to practically apply our “pro-lifeness.” Their information is well-researched and accurate. I greatly appreciate what they do and the diligence and integrity with which they do it.

– April K., Visalia, California


The reason we support LDI is because we truly believe in the work that they do. The value of knowing the corporations that fund Planned Parenthood is vitally important in defunding Planned Parenthood.

– Edward D., Palm City, Florida


People who are for abortion do not love and serve God; otherwise they would love what the world considers the least of their brethren. A typical substitute for God is money and if I can avoid purchasing from companies that give to Planned (non)Parenthood, it is a way of not participating in that grave sin of abortion. It offers me integrity and another means of prayer, for having to sacrifice by going without, or drive extra miles to go to another type of store. I can offer up the inconvenience for the grace of conversion for those involved with abortion. It gives me the peace of integrity in belief and action, for the way of the Cross is not easy, but it gives victory. God bless!

– Jeff & Janet C., Mesa, Arizona


I support LDI because I believe the amount of damage that Planned Parenthood has done to society is immense and, like LDI, I want to use peaceful means to shut them down. The tone and insight in their newsletters is very impressive, never hysterical, and always include prayers for those we disagree with. Further, I have found LDI to be a very trustworthy organization when it comes to money. May Our Lord and Savior continue to bless LDI and their work!

– Christi & Gary D., Boulder, Colorado


I am unreservedly, unapologetically pro-life. Therefore, it is imperative that I not knowingly support anything or anyone who believes mothers have the right to kill their own babies. I will neither feed “the beast” (Planned Parenthood) nor its sponsors any of my money. I appreciate the research and due diligence of Life Decisions International’s ability to keep us apprised of which corporations and organizations promote baby killing, either directly or indirectly with their dollars. Thank you, LDI!

– Judy J., Hastings, Minnesota


We support LDI because we want to help in the fight against abortion and we know that money talks. By using The Boycott List and not supporting those companies, we feel this speaks louder than anything.

– Mark & Joan C., city and state/province unknown


I support LDI so that I can continue boycotting organizations that give money to Planned Parenthood.

– Diane & Heidi G., Dayton, Ohio


The opportunity to boycott allows me to impose an act of my will upon those who directly support abortion. “I will not allow you to profit from my purchases and turn that profit violently upon the unborn!”

Father Frank Pavone made a plea during a homily on EWTN’s daily Mass asking for Christians to refuse to contract with or service the physical buildings associated with the commission of abortions. By denying my money to the financial backers, I deny Planned Parenthood the means to pay for the services rendered them to maintain their abortuaries.

Support of LDI is crucial to the ability of all concerned consumers to target Planned Parenthood’s financial backers in the areas of their greatest vulnerability: their bank accounts and their public image. We who decry the Culture of Death are steadily growing in numbers and in our willingness to speak out (as demonstrated by recent surveys showing America’s growing intolerance of abortion). As organizations like Priests for Life and Human Life International continue to educate the public, LDI gives that newly enlightened public a financial weapon with which to attack those who attack the innocent. Now if only we could find a way to boycott the U.S. government.

– Carleen E., Dixon, Illinois


I support LDI because I am strongly pro-life and do not want my money in any way be used to fund Planned Parenthood. I mainly use the List to ensure that my financial advisors and I do not invest any money in the stocks of companies on the list.

– Carolyn B., Hartford, Wisconsin


LDI stands for everything that I have always believed in and that is life for all. Not just for some people, but for all.

– Peter R., Tempe, Arizona


We support LDI for several reasons. We became aware of LDI and were impressed by its leaders while attending conferences at which Doug Scott and Patricia Bainbridge spoke. We do not want to be responsible for supporting Planned Parenthood, and LDI helps us to figure out what businesses we should not patronize. We have also been able to tell several businesses that we are part of the boycott. Best of all, we have seen that LDI’s efforts produce results. Thank you for your efforts and we will be praying for you!

– Rachel & Charles F., Southfield, Michigan


I support LDI so that I may know who to financially support and who to write to challenge the mentality of anti-life under the guise of Planned Parenthood, which wants to help have sustainable population growth. What these companies need to realize is that the potential customer basis is being killed off.

– Michael R., Pensacola, Florida


We do not have time ourselves to find out about the companies that support Planned Parenthood. We find it worthwhile and helpful to us to have someone do the research and let us know. We do not want to be party to any killing of innocent babies, not even with our hard earned money. So we boycott and we inform those being boycotted as much as possible of our reasons.

We have subscribed to LDI publications for ourselves and for others. Our Edward Jones investor has also sought to have your publication, being pro-life himself, so that he can steer us and others from investing in stocks, etcetera, that would enhance the pro-death providers. Thank you for doing all that you do. We rely on you!

– Don & Karen M., Bland, Missouri


I support LDI because your motives are pure, your work is God-blessed and highly motivated, and you know the ways of the enemy. Your uncompromising position(s) are shared among my brothers in the Lord.

– Clark P., Neillsville, Wisconsin


I support LDI because it gives me tangible power over abortion supporting businesses. LDI provides the information so I can put my money my mouth is!

– Joanne K., Cincinnati, Ohio


I, along with a few other parents, run a local Youth for Life group in our small town. Our goals are to teach the truths about pro-life and chastity to young people in grades seven to twelve. One of the activities we do regularly is to discuss Planned Parenthood and boycott corporations that support this group. The club members are very enthusiastic about this and have written to several CEOs that are named in The Boycott List. I appreciate the research that is done to get this List and trust Doug Scott’s integrity in presenting them to me for this purpose. There was a loud hurrah in the group when I announced that we could again eat Cheerios!

Our group has also had the opportunity to meet Doug Scott [LDI’s president] personally, so they know who he is when I talk about LDI and The Boycott List. It is a much-appreciated service. Thanks!

– Anne P., Drayton Valley, Alberta


I support LDI because I believe that ending abortion is the most urgent mission human beings have in the entire world. The best way to bring that about is to an end all funding, from whatever source, of the insidious Planned Parenthood abomination. This demonically inspired organization is far worse than Al Qaeda and the Taliban put together. While these terrorist organizations have killed several thousand people, Planned Parenthood has killed tens of millions of innocent babies directly and indirectly—and they are Americans! May God have mercy on us!!

– John V., Chicago, Illinois


I support LDI because I like having a list of companies to boycott so I know if it’s safe to support a particular company or not. And speaking of boycott, I know a bunch of companies have stopped supporting Planned Parenthood.

– Anne Marie, Skokie, Illinois


I really admire the way you run LDI-you follow your conscience and do what you say you’ll do. I don’t know another organization that follows their own rules. Including these days, my own Church. Thanks for following through.

– Judy M., Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I have been an LDI support for many years and will continue to do so because I appreciate and depend on their presentation of facts and critical information in the war on abortion. Their work in the Corporate Funding Project (boycott) has made a profound impact in my buying decisions as a steward of God’s resources and as one of His representatives in the marketplace. Their success in influencing so many corporations to cease funding Planned Parenthood is ongoing evidence of the power of boycotts. They are my main source for information and positive action I use in defense of the sanctity of life.

– Susan K., Berkeley Springs, West Virginia


It all comes down to this, and we each have to do our part…when I die, I soon want to hear these words from our Savior, “Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into my Kingdom.”

– Donald J. L., Aberdeen, South Dakota


I think the real question is, “Why don’t more people support LDI?” I take comfort in supporting an organization with an all-voluntary Board of Directors that represent such a wide variety of pro-life organizations. I also support LDI because of my strong belief that through the Corporate Funding Project we can and will derail the Planned Parenthood agenda by speaking to corporations in the only language they understand—money.

– Sean B., Indianapolis, Indiana


I support LDI because I do not want to do business (if I can help it) with any firm or entity that supports Planned Parenthood. I do not want any profits from goods and services I might purchase to end up paying of the killing of children and the wounding (physically, psychologically and emotionally) of mothers. LDI is the only organization I now of which keeps careful track of the corporate sponsors of Planned Parenthood.

– (Rev.) Richard H., St. Paul, Minnesota


We are very happy to be [supporting] LDI. Though we are busy raising eight children, your work enables us to participate in the boycott. It is one of the things we can do at this time in our life. It is simple and effective. We expect the war to go on for a long time, and we desire to raise these children to carry it on. Your work makes our work easier. When we go past Dairy Queen everyone knows why we don’t stop there. Thank you very much. Keep up your faithful work, in due time you will reap if you faint not.

– Harlan P., Bellingham, Washington


LDI is a sound and reputable organization that defends the principles that I cherish and choose to live by. They do my homework for me and, through their research and updates, I am able to stay informed about the status of the pro-life movement and remain aware of those companies that financially support Planned Parenthood. The latter allows me to boycott those particular companies until they stop in aiding in the culture of death.

– Nadine C., Erie, Pennsylvania


I have been an LDI Partner for several years now and have enjoyed not only reading The Caleb Report, but also reviewing The Boycott List. Before making any purchase, I consult The Boycott List to make sure that I am not supporting a company that will take my pro-life dollars and send it to a reprehensible organization like Planned Parenthood that disrespects the right to life of the unborn child. I especially enjoy the improvement made in the boycott list, dividing the companies according to subject area. This helps us greatly, since we do many credit card balance transfers every few months.

In fact, I know that we ceased doing business with Chase Manhattan because the company was listed on the boycott list. My wife and I cancelled our two accounts with Chase because the company was listed as a financial supporter of abortion, which we define as the killing of unborn children and the abuse of women. In fact, I thought that the letter from the chief executive officer “explaining” the company’s support for Planned Parenthood was outrageous, especially since the letter tried to balance support for Planned Parenthood, the premiere abortion group in the world, with support for “Catholic” projects in New York City. We also stopped doing business with First USA because that company, too, is on The Boycott List. Unlike Chase Manhattan’s customer service staff, which seemed disturbed that we would take our business away from them over this civil rights issue, at least the staff at First USA was polite when we announced why we were ceasing doing business with the company.

I am especially proud to mention boycotted companies to my students, especially when the subject of boycotts arises in any of my business writing or other English classes. I think that my students find it surprising that at least one of their professors is proud to support a pro-life boycott instead of one of the many other boycotts that every student finds not only baffling, but also merely politically correct.

– Jeff K., Ph.D., Garfield Heights, Ohio


I appreciate the research that LDI does to determine the truth about which companies support Planned Parenthood and that when you convey information it is not just “hearsay”, but documented facts based on research. Also because LDI conveys facts about the pro-abortion industry that I rarely get from any other pro-life organization. Thank you and may God’s hand rest on you!

– Robin B., Irvine, California


We appreciate all that LDI does and we boycott the companies as well as tell others what companies are on the List. Another important reason that we support LDI is because of the personal letters they send occasionally asking for prayers, including a recent email. God bless you and your work. Thank you so much!

– Roman & Mary Jo K., Golden, Colorado


I fully endorse, admire, and otherwise support what you…at LDI are doing, and [I] will contribute as much as I can as often as I can as often as I can…

Thank you for all you are doing in the Lord’s vineyard, keep it up (Revelation 2:10), and God bless you. Ephesians 1:15 ff.

– Anne C., Minneapolis, Minnesota


You are truly providing a service to the Christian community. God bless you!

– Michael R. H., Austin, Texas


LDI [is] the great leader in the fight against the Evil One.

– Patricia C., Glen Ellyn, Illinois


Money is the blood that flows through the veins of Planned Parenthood. Dry up the revenue sources and you effectively “bleed” the life from an organization like Planned Parenthood. Moreover, Corporate Sponsors of PP do not want their revenue sources dried up through a boycott. All in all, a very effective strategy.

– Paul N., Millville, Massachusetts


I am pleased to support LDI because its approach to boycotting is very methodical, consistent, and reliable. I know I can trust the information contained in your List. Finally, it’s always nice to support a winner—and LDI has been very successful. Keep up the good work!

– John H. G., city unknown, Maryland


We support LDI because you care and demonstrate it with unwavering commitment to the cause and sanctity of human life. So many “professed Christians,” including most in our own church, just don’t care or if they do care will not take the time or make the effort to let it be known that they do. It is so sad and at times so discouraging to see the slaughter of babies continue day after day but we anticipate the newsletters and bulletins from groups like LDI that offer a glimmer of hope by reporting God’s answer to prayer when a corporation stops funding Planned Parenthood or another Planned Parenthood lie is exposed. We pray for God’s blessings to be poured out on LDI, your work, and your staff.

– Ron & Patty Y., St. Louis, Missouri


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